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Posted Date: 01/29/2018

The ACMS Jaguar Science Spectacular was held on January 19, 2018 with exactly 200 people in attendance.  Students began completing their science fair projects on November 5th by using the Scientific Method to answer a question of their own. 

Projects were divided into five categories.  Displays in each category were critiqued by a minimum of two judges using a rubric.  Their scores were averaged and awards were given to the top three experiments in each category.  The winners have the opportunity to advance to the 2018 Wichita Regional Science & Engineering Fair at Exploration Place on February 16

The following are our science fair winners:

Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

1. Maddie Stafford

2. Jenny Unruh

3. Abbie Lester

3. Gracelynn VanNorsdall


1. Braden Robison

1. Noah Sickman

2. Davan Rodd

3. Andre Akopyan

Health Sciences

1. Mattie McGill

2. Riley Grimes

2. Natalie Trimble

3. Nathan Henning

3. Gracie Hett


1. Mason Holcolm

1. Mason Baysinger

2. Hailey Becker

2. Devon Egan

2. Tristen Hartschen

Social and Behavioral Sciences

1. Kamry Johnson

2. Kody Gray

3. Ashlyn West