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Thumbnail Image for Article 18693Regional Science Fair Results!!
Posted Date: 02/19/2018

SKSix of our ACMS students competed in the Exploration Place Regional Science & Engineering Fair.  The results are as follows:

Ribbon: given for point totals

Medal: given for top project in each category

Trophy: given to top 3 projects in middle school division

Andre Akopyan - 1st place ribbon, Chemistry 1st place medal, State Qualifier

Kody Gray - 2nd place ribbon, State Qualifier

Nathan Henning - 1st place ribbon, Biomedical & Health Sciences 1st place medal, 1st Place Trophy in Division 2 (all middle school), State Qualifier

Mattie McGill - 1st place ribbon, Animal Science 1st place medal, State Qualifier

Braden Robison - 2nd place ribbon

Maddie Stafford - 1st place ribbon, State Qualifier

Great Job!!!