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Michele Hansen


I received my Bachelor's of Science degree from ESU. I have a Master’s Degree in Masters of Arts in Teaching  (Curriculum & Design) from Friends University and a Masters in School Counseling + an LPC license for counseling. I have been in the classroom for 29 years.  I strive to be a positive influence in your child's life, while encouraging them to reach and/or surpass their potential. I am honored and blessed to serve the Andover community doing something I love. Welcome to my classroom!

Course Descriptiong/Grading Scale/Acceptable Computer Use Policy For each Class:

See the right sidebar and click on course title for course information.

Homework Policy is the same for each course:
The majority of class work is done in the computer lab, students will need to be in the classroom to complete assignments.
Due to the nature of the courses, students will rarely have outside work. Therefore, when students are absent it is essential he/she come in to complete assignments.

The computer lab will be available for make-up work by arrangement with Mrs. Hansen; prior arrangements need to be made. It is the student’s responsibility to make these appointments.

Acceptable Use Policy is the same for all courses and can be found on page 8 of the ACMS agenda book.

All students are expected to use school computers and the Internet appropriately to support educational learning.  Students should not damage or change any computer settings, icons, text on desktop, or log in as another student.  Violators will be referred to the office, lose conduct points, possible restrictions on computers and parents will be contacted.


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