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I'm Lauri Hopper, and this will be my 16th year of teaching;  my 4th year at ACMS. I am proud to be a Jaguar! I have a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Education  from Wichita State University.

In addition to teaching your children, I enjoy reading, working in the yard, and spending time with my family.  My husband Steve and I have two grown children, who both live in Wichita.  

Language Arts and English have always been my favorite subjects in school, and it makes me happy to be able to share my love of reading and writing with your students. 

 There's so much more to a book than just the reading."         - Maurice Sendak

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are subject to slight change on a daily basis, depending on how much content is covered in a given day.

Please click this link or on the LESSON PLANS link found in the right sidebar to see my weekly plans.



English – 2017-18

This class includes students from all three grade levels – 6th, 7th, and 8th.  Students will be working in small groups on grade-level English language skills such as grammar, punctuation/capitalization, sentence, paragraph, and essay structure, etc.  50% of the student’s grade will be based on work in this area.  Common Core standards will be addressed.

The other 50% of the grade will be based on the student’s work in the web-based, brain-based reading enrichment program called Fast Forward (from  Further information about Fast ForWord will be provided separately.  However, as a brief description, this program works with students at their individual skill level in basic to more advanced reading, literacy, and other English language skills.  Fast ForWord is unique to this class and promises to help students make gains in reading and literacy levels.


Students are asked to supply one 2-pocket folder and a Composition Notebook.  Both of these items will remain in the classroom.

  • Pencil or pen (black, blue, purple ink please)
  • Notebook paper
  • Agenda and Conduct Card
  • Assignment (when given) 
  • JAGS Binder (for 6th grade)


  • Fast ForWord – done in class, but can be done at home if necessary – 50% of grade
  • Written work (worksheets, essays, etc.) and tests – 50% of grade


A - 100-90
B -   80-89
C -   70-79
D -   60-69
F - Below 59


Homework should be turned in by 3:15 on the day it is due.  Late work will be accepted until the end of the quarter in which it is assigned, as per the homework policy stated in the handbook. Missed Fast ForWord work should be made up at home, or before/after school in the library or Mrs. Hopper’s room (601).  Written work and tests may be corrected or re-done for credit if the student makes arrangements with me to do so.


  • Come to class ready to learn – including:  using the restroom prior to the beginning of class, have your necessary materials, and be awake.
  • Respect the opinions and beliefs of others, even when they are different than your own.



Middle school is the first step toward young-adulthood, and as such, I feel it necessary to prepare students for the expectations they will encounter as they move through middle school and high school into the adult world. I recognize that this may be a first experience with these types of responsibilities, so I provide many opportunities for practice and learning.

I expect my students to conduct themselves with self-control, responsibility, and respect for classmates and adults. We will tolerate the differences and opinions of others and work like a team during class time. Should a student make a behavior choice that disrupts the class' learning or disrespects or harms another physically or emotionally, the student and I will discuss the situation. I will ask the student to find a way to fix the problem caused, and once that is done the incident is over. Should the student be unable to solve the problem on his/her own, I will determine a solution that the student will be expected to use. Solutions could include, but are not limited to, an apology (verbal or written), mediation between students, cleaning up a mess, time away from class to re-group and/or calm self, a Conduct Card mark, a visit to the assistant principal or counselor, etc, depending on the severity of the behavior. Students are rewarded for mature behavior choices with verbal praise, high-fives, positive attention, special privileges (no seating chart, reduced assignment(s), work in partners, shoes off in class, etc.

Students are expected to be prepared for class by bringing their agenda, library book, notebook paper, a pencil or pen, and completed homework when it has been assigned. Classroom procedures require students to be responsible for reading instructions from the posted daily agenda, and accordingly, beginning the first task immediately. I have asked the students to also be prepared for class by taking care of any physical needs they may have before class begins. Most of our work will be completed in class, not to mention the concepts that are reviewed and learned during class time. In short, we have too much to do for kids to take time out of class to use the restroom. I will, however, make exceptions in the case of emergencies.

I am available for questions or extra help with class work before or after school with an appointment, or during lunch. Students simply need to ask if/when they can come in. Because I accept late work until the end of the quarter in which it was assigned, I generally do not offer extra credit. However, there may occasionally be extra credit available to all students on some tests or assignments.

Lauri Hopper
Research Help

I will be available in my room on THURSDAYS after school for my students who want help on their RESEARCH PROJECT.  3:05-4:00.

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