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Welcome to Mrs. Fogle’s 8th Grade Math Classroom Webpage

Click this link to see Mrs. Fogle's lesson plans.


Mrs. Fogle is teaching Math 8, and Accelerated Math 8. This is her twelfth year teaching! Mrs. Fogle is a self proclaimed "math nerd". She is constantly looking for examples of math in everyday life, and loves working with students. She graduated from K-State, and loves her WILDCATS! When she's not at school, Mrs. Fogle enjoys singing, attending K-State football games, and playing with her family.

What calculator do I need???

All students need a scientific calculator.  If you plan to purchase a new one (or have not yet purchased), we recommended the TI-30XS Multiview.  In high school, all students will need a graphing calculator and we will begin using them in 8th grade.  If you choose to purchase one this year, we recommend the TI-84 plus Silver Edition.  See links below for purchase options (we do not recommend a specific store, just providing links with to provide you more detailed pictures and information).

TI-30XS Multiview (approx $12-15)

TI- 84 Plus Silver edition (approx $120-$140, if selecting color screen)

If you purchase ANY Texas Instruments calculator, please save the TI TECH POINTS and send in with your student.  Our school can order free items with accumulated points!


Grading Scale/Policy

The school grading scale is as follows:

    90% - A        80% - B        70% - C        60% - D        Below 60% - F

Students' math grades will be weighted by the following scale:  This means points earned on assessments will weigh more heavily in the student’s grade.  Prepare for them well. :-)

   Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, Projects) - 80%

    Daily Assignments - 20%

Click here for more details about your math grade.

Homework Policy

Students should expect 30-45 minutes of math homework about 3-4 days a week. Homework is due the following class period. Assignments not turned in on the due date will be entered as a zero in the gradebook until the assignment is completed. Late assignments will be accepted until the end of the chapter for full credit.  Students may be required to come in before/after school for tutoring in order to receive full credit for late assignments.



Online Textbook:

Khan Academy: Click here for a great website for videos and practice problems.

Need a free online graphing calculator?  Click on this link.


Accelerated Math 8 Course Guidelines

Math 8 Course Guidelines