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Lori Gunzelman

Mrs. Gunzelman's 7th and 8th Grade Math Classes...

Welcome Students and Parents!



Please remember that plans are intended to be a guide and are subject to change.


What calculator do I need?

All students need a scientific calculator.  If you plan to purchase a new one (or have not yet purchased), we recommended the TI-30XS Multiview.  In high school, all students will need a graphing calculator and we will begin using them in 8th grade.  If you choose to purchase one this year, we recommend the TI-84 plus Silver Edition CE.  See links below for purchase options (we do not recommend a specific store, just providing links with to provide you more detailed pictures and information).

TI-30XS Multiview (approx $12-15)

TI- 84 Plus Silver (approx $120-$140, if selecting color screen)

If you purchase ANY Texas Instruments calculator, please save the TI TECH POINTS and send in with your student.  Our school can order free items with accumulated points!



I am beginning my 23rd year in the Andover district. During this time I have primarily taught 7th and 8th grade math courses, but also spent some time teaching science, coaching the ACMS math relay team, working as an academic coach- and because our district has grown and changed so much over those years- moving my classroom from place to place! I believe that lifelong learning is important for both me and my students- and I continually attend workshops and implement new teaching strategies in my classroom. I enjoy incorporating technology, videos, hands-on learning, movement, and humor as part of the learning process. I expect the best from all my students and they can expect the same from me.


Grading Scale/Policy

The school grading scale is as follows: 

90% = A     80% = B     70% = C     60% = D    below 60% = F

In this class, we use a "weighted grade" which means more of your overall grade is determined by major assessments (to include tests, projects, and some quizzes) with a smaller percent determined by practice (required homework, in-class activities, and some quizzes).



Homework can be expected 3-4 nights per week (on average). Remember... homework is part of the LEARNING process, so it is important to give it your best effort and then bring good questions to class! Please see my course guidelines for detailed infornation on grading and late work. 

Click here to see Mrs. Gunzelman’s Course Guidelines 

Click here to read the document “Understanding Your Math Grade”


Click here for the online graphing calculator

Khan Academy has a variety of math videos available, it is a free just type in a topic, watch the video, and do some online practice problems!