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Justin Charbonneau


This is the start of my 18th school year in the Andover school district. I attended Emporia State University were I received my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. I have 3 children, Trey, Drew, and Mason.


Grading Scale/Policy

90-100 A
80-89   B
70-79   C
60-69   D
59-0     F


Homework Policy

Late Work:

  • It is the expectation of ACMS students to submit classroom work and assignments on time. Meeting deadlines and being on time is a life skill that will be essential for the success of our students as adults.  Late work will be accepted until the end of the current chapter/unit for full credit.  Missing work will be recorded as a zero in PowerSchool with a symbol identifying the zero as a missing assignment for both student and parent reference. Teachers may require students to meet with teacher and develop a plan for completing the missing work, outside of school hours, to receive full credit. All missing work must be submitted by the end of the current chapter/unit to receive credit.
  •  If you miss class it is your responsibility to get the missed work.
  •  If you have difficulties with this course, don’t wait to ask for help, come see me immediately.



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