Lib Dubs

“Friend Like Me”

by Ridgely Ehrlich, Jaylee Jefferson, Maddie Stafford, and Maddie Stowell


“Single Ladies”

by Prescott Deckinger, Tanner Gawith, Julia Jessop, Isaac Sheeran, Anna Strickland, and Brock Stupka


“Be Our Guest”

by Aiden Davis, Madelyn George, Mia Johnston, Noah Sickman, and Paige Tanner


Q & A – Traditional vs. Year-Round School

by Anna Strickland

Children’s Story – Rainbow Fish

by Prescott Deckinger

Parody PSA

by Tanner Gawith



by Jaylee Jefferson



by Mia Johnston


Brock Binders

by Brock Stupka



by Noah Sickman


Beanie Boo

by Madelyn George


Current Events – January 2018

by Julia Jessop


Slow Motion

by Aiden Davis

Cooking Show

by Julia Jessop & Anna Strickland


Cooking Show

by Maddie Stowell & Paige Tanner


How To: Volleyball 

by Ashlee Camfield & Jaylee Jefferson


How To: Football

by Isaac Sheeran & Brock Stupka


How To: Dance

by Delaney Cary & Maddie Stafford


How To: Dance

by Ridgely Ehrlich & Noah Sickman


How To: Not Fashion

by Madelyn George & Mia Johnston



by Prescott Deckinger & Tanner Gawith


Career Profile

by Aiden Davis


“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

by Ashlee Camfield, Aiden Davis, Jaylee Jefferson, and Noah Sickman


“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from the Mulan soundtrack

by Delaney Cary, Ridgely Ehrlich, Maddie Stafford, and Maddie Stowell


“A Thousand Miles” by Vannessa Carlton

by Prescott Deckinger, Tanner Gawith, Isaac Sheeran, and Brock Stupka


“We are the Champions” by Queen

by Julia Jessop and Anna Strickland


“Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

by Madelyn George, Mia Johnston, and Paige Tanner